Volunteer: LNT Outreach on Playa!

Leave No Trace Outreach & Environmental Compliance

Playa Protection

LNT Outreach Volunteers heading out!

  • Volunteers Needed!
  • 2 Shift Minimum
  • Shifts: 8:00 AM- Noon/2:00 PM – 6:00 (Meal Provided)
  • Required 2 hour Training on Saturday Pre-event or Tuesday of the Event

What Will You Do?

  • Travel in ATV/Golf Cart w/
  • Earth Guardians/Rangers
  • Talk to folks about oil drips, black water; burn scars and LEAVE NO TRACE!
  • Help Participants resolve any LNT issues.

Scirpus Leading our Advanced Training

What Skills Do You Need?

  • Communicate well with others
  • Outgoing Personality
  • Love for Leave No Trace/Playa/ Federal Lands
  • We share a mission with BLM: that of leaving no trace and protecting the playa surface from Oil spills and Burns.
  • We need articulate, responsible participants who have had experience volunteering in the past.
  • You will not even think about drinking on the job or at trainings.
  • You are responsible and your mother is proud of you.

    Awesome Volunteers!

  • Discretion.

Is this you? Sign up on shiftboard!

Directions to sign up here


  1. How do I volunteer for Earth Guardian?

    Where is the Shiftboard?

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