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2015 Calendar

April 11 - Earth Guardian MOOP Bag Silk Screening Volunteer Get-together in Berkeley, CA

  • We'll be silk screening Earth Guardians Bandanas and MOOP bags for BM 2015
  • Bring your own T-shirts and sewing machine (for MOOP bags).
  • We'll share ideas about LNT and greening effocamprts for this year at Burning Man
  • We'll be starting at 11 am on Saturday till we're done, then we drink beer and break bread (actually, we won't wait till we're done to drink beer).
  • Where: 6945 Bristol Drive, Berkeley, CA.

April 18 - Earth Day - Squaw Valley, CA

  • Join us at the Tahoe Earth Day, in the kids area
  • Volunteers from Earth Guardians will be showing our next generation LNT games and ways to reduce their plastic footprints.
  • If you'd like to help, please email earthguardians (at) burningman.com
  • Event info: http://tahoetruckeeearthday.com/ .

April 25 - Participation Faire and Newbie Orientation- San Francisco, CA

  • This is an opportunity to meet your fellow virgin burners and learn tips and tricks from veteran burners.
  • You'll meet the Volunteer Coordinators that help make Burning Man possible and build Black Rock City.
  • If you'd like to help, please email earthguardians (at) burningman.com.
  • From 11:00 - 2:00, BMHQ, 660 Alabama Street

April 26 & May 2 - Evapotron Workshops, Palo Alto evapotron

  • Build your own Evapotron! We provide materials, tools and guidance.
  • We ask you for a break-even $85 materials charge for lumber, hardware, fabric, aluminum sheet, bike wheels, etc.
  • You should also bring a burnerish spirit and food and drink to share.
  • The weather will probably be sunny, so bring sunscreen and a hat.
  • To register, ask questions, etc, send email to dry (at) evapotrons.info
  • Please send the $85 parts fee to dry@evapotrons.info via Paypal. Click "friends and family to bypass the commercial fees.

May 2-3 - LNT Training Weekend - Nevada City, CA

  • Interested in learning more about how to Leave No Trace at Burning Man?
  • This is an annual training led by Burning Mans own LNT Masters, but is open to anyone interested in LNT or greener camping practices LNT training
  • Meet Friday night or Saturday morning in Nevada City, CA!
  • Send email to earthguardians (at) burningman.com to sign up, more details here

May 22-25- Black Rock Rendezvous - Black Rock NCA

  • Come join Friends of Black Rock High Rock and the BLM at the Black Rock Rendezvous.
  • Potluck and Dutch Oven Cook-Off (more info at http://blackrockrendezvous.org/), meet other Black Rock User Groups!
  • Black Rock Desert Tours and a Spring Monitoring project
  • Playa cowboy poetry slam with music and sing along, and Rocket launches.
  • Check out the event web site and schedule.

May 2-3 - LNT Training Weekend - Fort Stanton NCA, New Mexico

  • Interested in learning more about how to Leave No Trace for wilderness?
  • Attention burners in West Texas and New Mexico, this training open to anyone interested in LNT camping practices
  • This trip will include an overnight backpack camp-out and a 4 mile loop route where you will give a presentation on a LNT principle.
  • After completion, you will receive a certificate from the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics
  • Learn more about the trip here.evap


June 13 : MOOP Bag Making Work Party and BBQ, Nevada City

  • We'll be constructing MOOP bags out of old jeans and pants, using neck ties as straps. Multiple sewing machines will be on hand, but you are invited to bring your own.
  • This is a great way to learn how to sew! Bring old pants and ties to donate and something to grill, snacks and drinks, it is a party after all. RSVP and questions to earthguardians (at) burningman.com

July 19 : Volunteer Get-together and final MOOP Bag Workshop

  • We'll be finishing MOOP bags for Burning Man sew
  • Chance to meet other EG volunteers!
  • We'll share food, drinks, and ideas about our camp and volunteer teams this year at Burning Man
  • We'll go from 1:00 pm-4:00 pm.
  • BMHQ: 650 Alabama Street, San Francisco, CA

August 30 - September 7 : Burning Man!

  • See you all in Black Rock City! We'll be doing hot springs patrols, LNT outreach, bike green and nature tours and cooking solar cookies!
  • We'll also have aerialyoga, workshops, black rock displays, check out our events schedule
  • Join one of our volunteer teams!


September TBD : National Public Lands Day

  • Projects typically include clean up of recreation sites around the play or in the Calico Mountains and clean-up of two abandoned mine sites
  • People can participate in variety of volunteer projects that will help protect nationally significant historic trails and wilderness areas.
  • Volunteers are welcome to camp on Saturday and are invited to participate in a pot luck dinner with the main dish sponsored by the Nevada Ourdoor School. People not wanting to camp may be able to arrange motel accommodations in Gerlach.
  • Children's activities are usually offered.The Nevada Outdoor School has provided inquiry based education programs for youngsters at past events. Check out www.nevadaoutdoorschool.comjai
  • For more information, Persons wishing to attend the National Public Lands Day volunteer event or who would like more information about it may contact the BLM or Friends
    of the Black Rock.