Regional Green Guide!

Welcome to the Burner Regional LNT / Greening Guide!

LNT and Sustainable Burner Events!

Please accept this gift of passion, knowledge, experience, community, creativity, and joy.  We originally developed this guide back in 2009  as a way to share our experiences in learning, teaching and sharing Leave No Trace and Greening tips and techniques with you – our Regional trailblazers!  Your capacity for community building, fun, and resourcefulness continues to inspire us.

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This is a Living Document!

Your feedback, perspectives, and insight into this document are heartily welcome! This is a living, breathing, changing document. Your contribution to its growth will help shape and balance the evolution of Burning Man and the Regionals By continuing to share our gifts, we will realize “Burning Man 365.”

Yes, this is our gift to you, to your communities, and ultimately, to all of us. There are no strings attached; you are not required to do or say anything upon accepting this gift; you may do or not do with it as you wish, it is yours.

Take it and make it your own – with your own Fire, Light, and Freak

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