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Earth Guardians inspire the Burning Man community to embrace Leave No Trace(LNT) principles and practices. We also visit the Black Rock desert outside of the Burning Man event both to introduce participants to the beauty of the area and to participate in restoration and education activities.

These web pages were developed to share information about Earth Guardians, their volunteer teams, year-round activities and playa events. The pages also provide Black Rock City residents information about LNT practices and background on the national LNT program.

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Here are our top ten LNT, Tread Lightly and Green reminders!

1) Engage in our LNT Community, Make a MOOP Bag
2) Prepare a Leave No Trace & Green Plan
3) Respect, Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Precycle, Recycle and Restore!
4) If it Doesn't Come out of Your Body it Doesn't Go Into the Potty
5) Conserve Energy & Use Renewable Energy Sources (Solar, Wind, 
6) Never Let It Hit the Ground (Including Gray Water, Cigrette 
Butts & Wood Chips), Clean as You Go! & Secure Items from the Wind
7) Initiate a Community MOOP Sweep! Grid Your Area Before You Leave
8) Give Yourself, Not Gifts That are Lilely to Become MOOP
9) Prepare For the Hungry Wind - Secure Your Camp & Your Load, Especially Your Trash
10) Volunteer for Clean Up with DPW & Participate in Eco-restoration Projects Year Round


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Empty landscapes like the Black Rock Playa seem somehow to pay attention to the entrance of a human. Each of us makes a difference; we make the land more alive.

We feel a change in the reality of the place because we are there. Perhaps this is why writer Barry Lopez calls the Black Rock Desert “a stage.”

The Sagebrush Ocean , A Natural History of the Great Basin , Stephen Trimble