Volunteer Teams

Join Us! – Let us know if you’re interested in volunteering with one of these Teams or if you have your own ideas!

We now have shifts for the LNT Outreach/BLM Compliance team, the EG Information Desk, and Activities Support, the Alternative Energy Garden and Camp Operations (only EG Camp members) up on shiftboard so that you can sign up now, no waiting for the playa!  Shift sign-ups for other teams will be at the volunteer information desk at the Earth Guardian Pavilion

LNT Outreach – Resolution team

LNT Outreach Volunteers getting ready to head out!

LNT Outreach Volunteers getting ready to head out!

Interested in helping keep the BRC citizens aware of Leave No Trace requirements?  We’re looking for a few outgoing volunteers to share information about protecting our playa from burn scars and leaking fluids from gasoline cans, vehicles and RVs. We also need volunteers to do follow-ups in the mornings or afternoons to help participants resolve the LNT concerns. Shifts are each morning and afternoon, each day of the event, with a required pre-shift training offered on the weekend before the gate opens and on Tuesday morning of the event. Meals will be provided at the end of each shift and the after required training. Sign ups are on shiftboard.

Training Available on Burning Man Hive!

Questions and interest go to Mike Bilbo

Volunteers at the Information desk

Volunteers at the Information desk

Information Desk

We operate an information desk from the pavilion where folks can come for information. We need YOU at our front line. All EG’s staying at the EG camp on the esplanade are expected to do at least one desk shift. Shifts run from 9-noon, noon-3 and 3-6pm each day of the event. Sign ups are on playa and on shiftboard.

Questions and interest emails go to Pam

Activity /Events

Earth Guardians that like to be in the lime-light can perform/present on the stage in the Earth Guardian pavilion. This year we’re going to have lots of activities, workshops and presentations. We also need people to help plan the activities before the event, introduce speakers, set up for the presentations and transition to the next activity. This is a fun job for people that don’t mind introducing people and interacting with an audience. They will have a sheet for each shift that explains exactly what will need to be done and announced, so each activity shift person will just need to follow instructions on the shift sheet. Shifts run from 9-noon, noon-3 and 3-6pm most days of the event.

Anyone interested in performing or presenting on the stage or being part of the Activities team can email Karen

Alternative Energy Demo Garden

Chico serving goodies cooked in a solar oven.

Chico serving goodies cooked in a solar oven.

Our Alternative Energy Demo Garden consists of a Black Rock Solar installation, a gray water wind treatment device, many solar ovens from basic to DIY and a commercial solar oven and 2 rocket stoves. Volunteers will be in the garden and explain them to people passing by and those who come to see them how they work. They also will be cooking things like cookies, maybe tea, and nachos in the solar ovens and serving them to people. Shifts are from 12-3 each day, sign up on shiftboard. Questions to earthguardians@burningman.org.

Hot Spring Patrol

Burning Man has agreed with BLM that participants will not use the springs during the event. The springs are little treasures in the wilderness and cannot handle but a few occasional people. Earth Guardians monitor the springs during the event to let people know about the restrictions and as an outreach to non-BM visitors, passing out and collecting information and desert lore. Interested? Shifts are from 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM, 12:30-8:30 PM, and 5 PM-10:30 AM, each day of the event. Questions to earthguardians@burningman.org.

Magic MOOP Mobiles!

All aboard the MOOP Train!

All aboard the MOOP Train!

Hitch a ride in style to the trash fence at the outer limits of BRC on an Earth Guardian Magic Moop Mobile.  See what treasures you may find to put in your free hand made MOOP bag. Thank you Magic MOOP drink afterwards.

Questions to earthguardians@burningman.org.

Camp Operations

During the event, to keep our camp humming, we need help with managing our recycling/compost, water runs, help with operation of our nightly movies, and daily tiding. Fun stuff for those of you that like to operation behind the scenes.

Questions to earthguardians@burningman.org.

EG Refreshment Station

We need folks that can sling drinks and share the LNT gospel to participants. We’re open nightly for our campers, volunteers and the citizens of BRC. Shifts start a 4 or 7:30 pm on most days.

Questions to earthguardians@burningman.org.

EG Blogger/Promotor

Volunteer to help develop material for the EG web site, JRS and EG blog. Incorporate more of a focus on the carbon footprint of Burning Man into our messages. Promote our teams and activities to burners! Questions to earthguardians@burningman.org.

Voices of LNT/Greening Your Burn

We need outgoing folks to increase the Earth Guardian’s exposure/profile in BRC. These folks can pre-record some PSAs for the BMIR radio channel and be available to do interviews on LNT topics, as needed. Questions to earthguardians@burningman.org.

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