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Earth Guardians focus on emerging issues that have the potential to impact the playa or our community and develop Leave No Trace (LNT) practices to reduce impacts.  Since 1998, we have been tailoring the national LNT principles and practices to Burning Man. In 2002, we began hosting a Leave No Trace Tour of Black Rock City during the event and identifying camps that exemplified the LNT ethic.  Over the years our volunteer teams have expanded and include everything from LNT outreach and MOOP train to support for our many speakers and bar.   Please check out our list of volunteer teams and decide what is best for you!

We now have shifts for the LNT Outreach/BLM Compliance team, the EG Information Desk, and Activities Support, the Alternative Energy Garden and Camp Operations (only EG Camp members) up on shiftboard so that you can sign up now, no waiting for the playa!  Shift sign-ups for other teams will be at the volunteer information desk at the Earth Guardian Pavilio

Instructions for Signing Up

  1. Fill out a Burner Profile
  2. Fill out a volunteer Questionnaire
  3. Email earthguardians@burningman.org to let us know you’ve finished #1 & #2 so we can add you to the Earth Guardian team
  4. Log on to Shiftboard with your email address and sign-up! (see shiftboard 101 below for hints)

BRC Volunteer Teams

  • LNT Outreach – BLM Compliance Team
  • Information Desk
  • Activities / Events
  • Alternative Energy Garden
  • Hot Springs Patrol
  • MOOP Train
  • Camp Operations
  • EG Refreshment Station
  • Construction/Teardown

More details about each team is here

Shiftboard 101

Burning Man Shiftboard: https://www.shiftboard.com/BurningMan
– Login with your email and Shiftboard password or select Forgot Password if you have lost your password or this is your first time logging in. If you do not have an account in Shiftboard make sure you have completed a Volunteer Questionnaire and contact your Volunteer Coordinator

Here are some brief instructions and screen shots for signing up for Shifts in Shiftboard.

Signing Up 101

  1. Log on to shiftboard
  2. Click on Calendar
  3. Navigate on the calendar to the week of Burning Man
  4. Look at the different shifts available (red are open)
  5. Click on available shift
  6. Look to right panel on screen and hit “Take This Shift” button
  7. Click “Yes, confirm this time”
  8. If you need to change shifts, log onto shiftboard, click on the shift, then hit the “unconfirm” button.

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