Burn The Man – Not Your Camp!

Safety Third!

Gas Can Fail! Don’t let this happen to your camp!

The Man is going to burn.  Not just any burn, but a big, hot, amazing, bad ass burn. Black Rock City is all about burning the Man, but burning your camp is not any fun. Nobody wants to burn down their camp.

Gasoline cans that are not properly stored and contained could be your camp’s worst nightmare. We need gas on the playa.  Mutant vehicles need gas, campers in RV’s need gas, and Burners need gas. Bring it with you or buy it from Hell’s Station on the playa, gasoline containers need to be contained and handled healthfully.

If you are accustomed to using the red fuel containers at home for your lawn mower, chainsaw, or generator, things are different here in Black Rock City. On the playa, we work harder to keep it clean. All Burners are asked to keep your gasoline containers within a secondary containment. Don’t let your camp burn.

What is a secondary containment?

Secondary containment is something that will prevent a gas drip or spill from polluting the playa.

Hot Tub! A tub to protect the playa and your camp from spilled gas.

Plastic storage bins are a very best way to contain your gas container. If you are bringing a red gas can to BM2018, bring along a plastic tote bin to keep it contained. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and it’s effective. It is how you can Leave No Trace on the playa.

There are still some unanswered questions about how unknown amounts of oil, black water, and grey water left behind from Burning Man affect this ecosystem. Earth Guardians are working with the BLM, Rangers, ESD and Playa Restoration to keep a sustainable playa and Leave No Trace, to help protect the playa, keep gas contained, and keep burners safe.

Gasoline is dangerous stuff. Put that red container too close to a generator and you have the formula for an unplanned burn in your camp. That burn could be your RV, tent, or your entire camp. If an unplanned burn starts an emergency response, it isn’t pretty or fun. It is life threatening and it isn’t worth it. Take precautions to keep your gas 10 feet from your generator, and keep it in a secondary containment.

Burn the MAN,  not your camp. It’s a bin item – bring a tote for your gas.

Further information about how Burners can integrate LNT principles into their Burn and future outdoor adventures can be found at the Earth Guardians Camp located near Center Camp.

Link to article about Nevada state gas can regulation and requirements.

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