Greening Your Burn!

Learn Before You Burn – Read Your JRS – Environment!greenman

Did you see our recent JRS about the environment?  It started off with our 7 Hot Leaving No Trace Tips below.

If you want your Leaving No Trace advice bite-sized, it all boils down to this:

  1. MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) is bad. Don’t drop it. If you see it, pick it up and take it with you. Don’t let the wind take it.
  2. Pack it in, pack it out. Include ALL your clean-up needs in your game plan for getting into and out of the event. (Also, have a game plan for getting into and out of the event without loosing MOOP!)
  3. Conserve energy. Use renewable energy sources (solar, wind, biodiesel). Take Burner Express!
  4. Buy minimal and environmentally friendly supplies. Reuse instead of replacing. Avoid packaging. Share.
  5. Try to make most of your waste recyclable. After the event, recycle it. If you must pack out landfill trash, dispose of it responsibly.
  6. If it wasn’t in your body, don’t put it in the potty. Make a plan to deal with gray water.
  7. Spread the word. Clean up with your neighbors.

The JRS also contains tips about the issues our Earth Guardians and Rangers are looking for as they roam around the city to protect our friends the fairy shrimp and many suggestions on greening your burn!  To read the full post, click –> Environmental JRS!


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