Hot Springs Around Black Rock – Volunteer to Protect!

Hot Springs  in the Black Rock Desert

Burning Man has agreed with BLM that participants will not use the springs during the event.

Black Rock Hot Spring

The springs are little treasures in the wilderness and cannot handle but a few occasional people.

Earth Guardians monitor the springs during the event to let people know about the restrictions and as an outreach to non-BM visitors, passing out and collecting information and desert lore.

Interested? Shifts are from 7-noon, noon-5pm, and 5pm-overnight, each day of the event. Questions to

Sensitive Areas around the Hot Springs

The springs cannot handle but a few, occasional people.  Unlike commercial pools built of concrete, the springs are surrounded by fragile structures.  The sides and banks break down easily and greenery gets trampled.  With minimal use, the soil that is washed away can naturally be replaced.  Desert vegetation may be tough, but it grows slowly and cannot repair itself when traffic is extensive.  The runoff from the springs can absorb the body oils, lotions and detergents from an occasional user, but heavy use would result in nasty smells!

Double Hot Springs

Impacts on Wildlife

The springs are the only source of water for the local wildlife.  For them, access to the springs is a matter of survival.  Extensive or raucous human presence at can spook the wildlife and cause them to stay away from the springs for longer than their normal patterns.

People Leave Trash

Earth Guardians monitoring the springs may have to pick up other people’s trash. Even through Burning Man participants are exceptionally conscientious in this regard, if we are seen at the springs and somebody else leaves a mess, Burning Man will get the blame.

You can come back and enjoy these very special places at any time other than during the event!


Interested in learning more about the Hot Springs – Check out the video below

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