Leave No Trace Advice from DA, Playa Restoration – MOOP Eradication Strategies!

Dust Storms Are Coming to Bury Your MOOP!

One of the many good reminders in this video from DA, Manager of Black Rock City’s illustrious Playa Restoration  Team!  Other exciting tidbits include

  • What are the top 10 MOOP items in Black Rock City?
  • How clean do we have to be to pass inspection?
  • Are MOOP levels increasing in Black Rock City?
  • Will we be able to continue to pass inspection?

Watch and Learn!

LNT History

Burning Man is largest Leave No Trace Event in the World Read more about the backdrop how how this happened!  Check out the recent blog by the National Leave No Trace organization! Of course we’re part of all that! https://lnt.org/blog/how-burning-man-became-worlds-largest-leave-no-trace-event

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